18. July 2019

Alexander James Topper joined our family on July 18 2019, it was a hard, long, painful labor and I would gladly do it all over again.

When I found out I was pregnant with Alex there was always the fear history would repeat itself and i would end up delivering early due to medical issues like with Mila, so from the beginning I was preparing myself for that, for another preemie.

Little did I know back then that he would come just 2 days before his due date.

This post will be a bit TMI (sorry not sorry)
So, on Wednesday July 17 I took my morning pee, and when I wiped there was a bit of blood, I was so happy I screamed out of joy, my mom told me that’s exactly what happened when I was born, bit of blood, then contractions and 2 hours later she had a baby in her arms.

“Alexander James Topper – July 18 2019 – 14:32pm – 3,240g “

I was so excited, I got everything ready, finished packing mine and baby’s bag and was ready to drive to the hospital at any moment. A few hours went by and no contractions so I decided to clean the apartment from top to bottom, I had read somewhere that could help, and honestly I was done being pregnant, I wanted (needed) him out so I was easy to try anything, even if it meant cleaning, which I don’t particularly love doing. After cleaning the bathrooms and leaving them spotless the first contractions came. They were not even bad enough for me to think they were contractions, more like mild period pains.

I cleaned some more, and did tons of squats, like I said I was done being pregnant in the horrible European heat weave.

Throughout the day the contractions kept coming, but still not regular or strong enough for me to think it was active labor.
At night, mom, Gaby, Philipp and I sat down to play some cards, that’s when it stated, those were definitely contractions and I was definitely in labor. I was o happy and also so afraid, it was really painful.

Few more hours went by, still, strong contractions but not regular, and I was still feeling kinda ok.

Around 11:00 pm we loaded the bags in the car and drove into the hospital. When we arrived I was still fine, contractions every now and then, but ok enough to walk up the stairs to the 3rd floor, because I was convinced climbing stairs would help speed up the labor process.

I rang at the L&D station and a midwife came out, they took me to be checked and monitored and they gave me bad news … I was LESS than 1 cm dialed.

By now it was around 12:30 am and the contractions were coming hard ! But not regularly, they were definitely bad enough that I couldn’t talk during the contraction and all I could do was making cow like noises .
Because I was not dilated they wouldn’t admit me, so I was given the option of either stay in the hospital and walk laps or go home and try to sleep, by then it was 1:00 am so walking around the city was not an option, so home we go…