18. July 2019

I wanted to divorce Philipp after I found out that when I asked him to get the midwife he didn’t run down the station and actually got her, but instead, went to the bathroom, and took a 20 minute shower in peace. (You can see how he’s wearing different shirts and hair is done in the last pictures)


The midwife comes in, and I start pushing. I have Philipp and my sister next to me, during each push I pray, I pray to god for strength, physically and emotionally as I’m not sure I can keep going.

I push with all my soul, I have one thing in mind, don’t crap yourself, you’ve been married for 6 days and he doesn’t need to see that.
Oh, and also I want the baby out.

I push till the head is out, Philipp is next to me telling me how good I’m doing, how proud he is of me, how much he loves me. I want to smack him, and tell him to shut up and let me push in peace, but I know he means well, so I stay quiet (except for my very loud screams)

I push some more, I have my husband next to me, and my sister, well, I actually don’t even remember where she was, I knew she was there but I don’t actually remember her being there. I push again, and I feel a huge relief, my water broke, more like splashed… all over the midwife. Sorry!

I want to smack him, and tell him to shut up and let me push in peace

I push once more and at 14:32 a perfect 3,240gr and 50cm baby came out crying. He was absolutely perfect.

He was placed on my chest and Philipp and I cried, we couldn’t believe it, he was there.

He cuddled and he latched perfectly. And we stayed there staring at our perfect little boy. Almost immediately I called my mom, dad, and it was amazing.

Philipp cut the cord, and although he says it felt super weird and the texture is funny I know it meant a lot to him.

My sister (who now I remember again) was totally shocked of what she had just witnessed, I’m sure she was happy, but I think she won’t be having babies anytime soon.

We called my mom on FaceTime and showed Mila her little brother. She was so happy and excited. And that’s it, just like that we were a family of four, and we are now complete.