28. September 2019

Since moving to Germany 5 years ago, Fall has become one of my favourite things to experience here, because we don’t really get that stark season change in Mexico, it’s hot, it’s cold, its rainy, but I can’t remember it being yellow, and orange everywhere. So I love it, and for a few years now, Ive made it a tradition to take Mila apple picking, and make an apple pie the next day together. So, on Saturday we got the fist part done.

We drove to Eberdingen, a little town 25 min away from home, it was quite a pain to get out of the house, (big tantrums) but we made it, and first thing we did was riding the tractor to the apple orchard. Mila was super happy, and excited, and she was bit disappointed once the tractor stopped after only 10 seconds of driving.

Anyway, we start looking around, and we tell her she’s allowed to pick the ones she likes, of course she likes either the ones on the floor, or the greenest apples, which will of course be sour, eventually we convinced her to get some nice red ones. She wanted to carry the bag full of apples, and she tried her best, until eventually the bag was heavier than her 😀 . Then she “allowed” Philipp to carry it for her…sassy.

Alex was a total dream, he’s happy as long as he’s being carried, so I wear him everywhere, which I totally love.

I actually learned there are different kinds of apples, I always thought there were either red or green, but apparently there are tons of different kinds, and we were allowed to try them at each different section.

Mila found a small apple and wanted to try it, she took the first bite and loved it, and to my surprise she actually finished it, it took her over 30 min, but still, I can’t finish a whole apple unless it been cut in slices, so props to her. She was the happiest with her apple, so happy she didn’t wanted to throw the core once she was done.

Once we were able to discard the core after 10 minutes of negotiations we drove home, happy, and with tons of apples.

On our way back to the car we decided to walk, it was supposed to be a 3 min walk, it tuned a bit longer once Mila decided to pick every single flower she could find, she’d admire it, grab it softly, pick it, and run with the most beautiful smile to give it to me, melts my heart every time.

Sunday morning Philipp made apple Pancakes and it was delicious, and Mila kept telling us about the orchard, as if we hadn’t been there with her the previous day.