25. October. 2019

Will vacations with kids ever feel like vacations again ?

Thats a question P and I made to each other on our first family of 4 trip to Sylt a few months ago, and its a question I asked my dad now that we met in Madrid, the answer is “not for a very long time” …

What used to be spontaneous trips just Philipp and I are now days of planning outfits in advance for the kids, and packing 3 days before traveling to make sure we don’t use the clothes we are planning on taking, its fighting with Mila because she wants to take a luggage full of toys, and having to argue with her and explain that her toys have no passport and therefore can’t flight with us.

We see the fear in people eyes when they see the woman with the baby was assigned the place next to them on the plane , its fine, I’m sure I had that face before becoming a mom.

Our flight to Madrid was perfect, Mila was super excited because she had received this amazing new ride on luggage

So we drive to the airport and Mila hops into her supper cool luggage (Why didn’t something like this existed when I was a kid?) and she’s super happy and waving at people as if she was a queen.

On the airplane she watched a movie, and AJ slept all the way, Philipp and I watched a movie “together” meaning that we each had a screen, but we pressed  PLAY at the same time, and we would look at each other and laugh when something funny came.

Our days in Madrid were… something new.

What used to be nice dinners are now fighting with Mila because she doesn’t like good food and would be happier eating some fast food, and of course Alex’s diaper is full and there’s no changing table in the toilets.

At times I find it hard to let go of the way things used to be before kids, and it doesn’t mean I don’t love and adore them, just that it was different, in ways, easier, but I am so thankful for what I have now. I love showing my kids the world, I love the way Mila talks about her trip with such happiness, I love that we have the chance to do this.

Its definitely not easy, and it makes me appreciate my parents even more, why the hell did they  take 3 small kids to Disneyland multiple times, I had no idea, Im sure there were enough tantrums and crying the first time, so why repeat it?

Now I get it, because the smiles are worth it.