Our Wedding Day

13.September. 2019

Mr. & Mrs. Topper

Philipp and I have always done things the “unconventional way” we actually started planning a wedding and THEN got engaged, but that’s kind of what I love about us, we don’t really play by the rules and I love it.

Our wedding was so special for so many reasons, for once, my sister and Philipp’s best friend officiated, my dad walking me down the aisle, and my brother who couldn’t fly out there, put on a suit and saw the whole thing through FaceTime. I had my best friends from Mexico and my kids, who behaved perfectly. Some things went like planned, some where a total fail, and it doesn’t really matter, it was perfect.

We got married only 6 weeks after Alex was born so of course I didn’t have a dress because I had no idea what my body was going to look like after pregnancy, so 2 weeks before the wedding I ordered my dress.

I actually only tried it on 2 days before the weeding and I’m so happy it fit and I loved it.

I had actually planned on pumping the days before, and take a frozen stash of breastmilk to the wedding so I could drink, and my mom could give Alex a bottle, but of course on the day I was a total bridezilla and in absolute stress and forgot to take bottles, so I had to breastfeed him, I also forgot to bring pads, so a few hours into the wedding I actually smelled like milk, and my dress was soaked from my leaking boobs. I actually had a spare outfit, but there are no pictures of that, because 10 minutes into wearing it Alex puked all over me.

The wedding was amazing, Philipp’s friends had us doing tons of German wedding traditions, which I loved, and the Mexicans taught the Germans how to dance, or at least we tried 😀

Mila danced until 11 pm and had everyone dancing ballet with her, Alex went from one person to the next, and I actually only saw him when my boobs were needed.

The cake, and the ceremony arch were done by Philipp and his best friend, my besties Pam and Rich helped with the flowers, and Philipp’s grandma made our wedding favours, that’s kind of what made everything so special, all of our loved ones were a big part of it, and I loved it.

Our table setting, flowers by my best friends, jam wedding favours by Philipp’s grandma, table place card by my mother in law.

My dad walking me down the aisle was extremely emotional in so many ways.

First look, and I think he liked what he saw 😀

My parents, and my brother on FaceTime. My dad’s smile tho

It was so amazing having my sister and Fabian officiating our wedding.

My dad and my sister gave amazing speeches during the ceremony and I couldn’t stop crying.

Then Philipp made me cry again with his perfectly improvised vows

My brother couldn’t make it, but he suited up and was there through the whole thing, ignore my face, I’m an ugly crier.

This two have the most amazing bond ever

Gossiping like its 2014